Customer Development

Winning & Keeping Customers in the Value Era

Over the couple decades there has been a “customer revolution”. More choice has given customer more power and research show that customers are very willing to use their new found power. We are now in the “Value Era”.

I frequently ask in my workshops, how are customers changing? Every audience provides strikingly similar responses …

Customers today are …

  • More informed
  • Less tolerant and patient
  • More assertive and willing to complain
  • Less loyal
  • Have higher expectations
  • More price conscious
  • More DEMANDING (number one answer by far)

Two vitally important questions to ask yourself in the value era

  1. Is everyone in your organization focused on creating and communicating value to the customer? (Do they understand see how their efforts connect to and effect the customer?)
  2. Do your customer contact (Sales & Service people) people have the right competencies to to create customer loyalty while maintaining profit margins when dealing with more demanding, knowledgeable and sophisticated customers?

What we Believe

  • There has been an insane imbalance in organizational efforts between customer acquisition and customer retention (It cost 5 to 8 times more to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing)
  • We believe in the self-evident truth – the key to success in any business is the development of repeat and referral customers (raving fans)
  • We believe that customer satisfaction is no longer good enough to create customer loyalty; it now requires “Customer Engagement”
  • The research the single most important “value factor” in determining customer engagement is not place, product or process value! …Study after study confirms it is personal value is the key factors that govern customer retention
  • Your organizations future is built or broken one customer contact at a time … “moments of truth”
  • Thus, we believe that best way to achieve customer engagement is through “customer leadership”
  • Customer Leadership has two core dimensions … A total organizational commitment to deliver delivering value to customers and world-class front-line customer contact people with superb customer relations skills

What we can Do for you

  • Campeau Learning specializes in designing, developing and delivering high impact “customer leadership” training programs that drive customer engagement and retention (for both external and internal customers)
  • We conduct extensive needs assessment employing a “Competency Gap analysis” so we can pinpoint the Ideal Learning Outcomes for the training program.
  • We then develop and design training programs to optimize customer loyalty and grow profit margins … Programs are customized to meet the client’s specific skill development needs of your sales and service people
  • We offer training programs in the full range of Sales / Service competencies and Sales / Service Management Competencies