Emotional Intelligence

Workshop Objective

The research is crystal clear – EQ is the cornerstone of superior performance.  When star performers were analyzed the one consistent common denominator – they had healthy EQ!  Greater complexity has driven ever greater workplace interdependence which means that knowledge workers now spend 70 to 80% of their waking hours in one of the four forms of communication (reading, writing, speaking, listening), which means that EQ is an evermore important information age success factor.

The purpose of this course is to demystify EQ, help participants assess their current level of EQ and most importantly provide proven and practical strategies on how to develop ones EQ.

Benefits of Attending

This workshop is designed for all employees and has proven to be an exceptionally powerful and practical learning experience that will benefit participants in both ones professional and personal lives …

  • Achieve greater happiness and personal security
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Build more productive and sustainable relationships
  • Increased leadership capacity
  • Create more effective and clearer communications with people
  • Enhanced capacity to stay calm and deal with stress more effectively
  • Better able to deal with difficult people and negative energy

Content Overview

  • What EQ really means in practical, everyday, real world terms
  • Why EQ is a far more important success factor than IQ
  • The EQ – Happiness Connection
  • A tool to assess one’s current level of EQ
  • The predictable attitudes and behaviors of low EQ people
  • Four sure-fire strategies on how to develop truly healthy EQ
  • How to achieve the delicate balance of intellect and emotion and make “common sense” decisions
  • How EQ impacts one’s ability to build and sustain productive relationships
  • How to assert yourself to ensure you get your needs met without appearing like a bully
  • How to stay positive around negative peopl

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