Mental toughness

Purpose of Program

In the world today we have all been faced with an increase in stress levels and mental health is a growing concern for many. Thus, the all-important question becomes – How is stress impacting you and the people around you? How do we build resiliency to deal with life’s inevitable and unexpected challenges? Campeau Learning uses lessons from their principle-based leadership methods combined with the latest tools and techniques taught to First Responders to help everyone become more resilient. What would it mean for you to enhance your capacity to deal with stress and help those around you? This webinar will give you a new perspective and the ability to overcome adversity and maintain your optimum lifestyle.

Who Should Attend

If You or someone on your team is:

  • Feeling burnt-out, fatigued, overwhelmed, loss of care or control
  • Going through dramatic change
  • Striving for more fulfillment with a better work-life balance
  • Hoping to help others through difficulties
  • Pursuing excellence or peace of mind

Benefits of Attending

Participants will deepen their understanding of what resiliency is, how to build more of it, deal better with stress and help others in this high energy and thought-provoking webinar.

Participants will learn proven, powerful and practical strategies and skills that will last a lifetime and can be applied the next day.

Content Overview

Module ONE – Inquiry into Resiliency

  • Understand stress and how it impacts you
  • What is Resiliency?
  • Objectives and expectations for course

Module TWO – Biology of Behaviour

  • 7 Keys to Unlocking Your Lower Brain
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behavioral Puzzle

Module THREE – Self Management

  • Healthier State of Mind
  • Stress, Energy and Time management strategies
  • Tools to gain perspective and control
  • Self-care and coping skills
  • Importance of Sleep, Nutrition and Hydration

Module FOUR – Support System

  • Developing strong relationships
  • Social Support Framework
  • Helping others with the 4 R toolkit

Module FIVE – Review and Resources

  • Resiliency SAVES
  • Recommended reading and resources

Note: Courses are offered in person or as webinars. Each should have a call to action to Contact us to book your course which links to the contact page.