Team Development

7 Points to Ponder on Teams & Teamwork

  1. The exploding rate of change combined with ever greater complexity and workloads are making the workplace of info age increasingly interdependent, which means teams & teamwork important!
  2. However, high degrees of collaboration seem to be evermore illusive …. Most team’s performance falls far short of their full potential. Truly high-performance teams are very rare
  3. Key team principle is “synergy” which means 1 + 1 = 3 or the whole is greater than the sum of its parts … And there is only one way to achieve it!
  4. The causes of team dysfunction tend to be few in number but with deep roots.
  5. Team problems are basically the same in all teams (including executive teams)
  6. Difference in team productivity is huge between high performance team and a dysfunctional team
  7. Costs of team dysfunction are difficult to measure but still devastating to the effectiveness and efficiency of work groups and the organization

What we can do and

  • We offer training programs that enhance both the effectiveness of team leaders and team players
  • We work with formal teams or enhancing teamwork within and between departments or functions
  • We have solutions for both severely dysfunctional teams and “team tune-up” for those teams who don’t have major problems but are mired in mediocrity and are not fulfilling their true potential

How we Fix Teams

  • We assess current team performance (using team synergy assessment tools – available upon request)
  • We first identify performance gaps
  • We indentify root causes of the performance gaps
  • We then identify the individual competency gaps (cause of team performance gaps)
  • We design and deliver strategic training and coaching solutions to close individual and team and performance gaps
  • Team members learn team problem-0solving and decision –making skills
  • Team establishes a systematic approach to actively monitor team performance monitor team