Building Leaders at all levels of the organization

This highly practical leadership development program is based on 4 core sequential beliefs

  1. We believe that the key sustainable strategic competitive advantage in the new economy is the development of leaders at all levels of the organization.
  2. The single most critical success factor for building and sustaining a world-class high-performance organization (or team) is employee engagement.
  3. The fundamental engagement drivers are empowerment and accountability.
  4. The essential ingredient for empowerment and accountability to take root in the organizational culture and become a living reality, is for effective leadership demonstrated everywhere in the organization.

The starting point of creating a high-performance organization is creating high-performance people!

How participants and the
organization will benefit
from this Course

  • Improved organizational performance driven by higher degrees of employee engagement.
  • Greater focus on delivering value to the customer (external & Internal) and enhanced customer relations.
  • Participants learn to take greater personal responsibility for their performance and behaviors.
  • Participants will be more willing to be held accountable and be more willing and able to hold others accountable.
  • Improved team, departmental and organizational communication and responsiveness.
  • Participants will be more willing and able to accept performance enhancing feedback.
  • Increased innovation within the organization resulting in an enhanced capacity to effectively manage change.

Here is what people are saying

Your leadership development program had an incredibly positive impact on our people and our organization.

Terry Chapman
Business development Manager
BC Hydro

Thank you for your tremendous workshop, here is just a sampling of the feedback … “Fabulous and extremely motivating”, “Excellent, best workshop I’ve ever attended”, “Awesome facilitator, get him back next year”.

Constable Elizabeth Shaw
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A short note of thanks for the incredible service you have performed for our management team, the feedback was fabulous and they want you back next year.

Dan Pearce
Vice President / General Manager
Redwood Plastics Corporation

“Best course ever” is what my people are saying … so I want to offer a very sincere thank you on behalf of myself and the team for your fantastic workshops that were both inspirational and highly practical

Brad Dance
Chief Customer Officer
TuGo Travel Insurance

Content overview

  • The high performance 21st century organization
    Gain an enterprise-wide mindset resulting in greater focus on delivering value to the customers.
  • An inquiry into leadership
    Participants will learn an enterprise-wide mindset resulting in greater focus on delivering value to the customers.
  • foundations in personal & interpersonal effectiveness
    An inquiry into personal and interpersonal effectiveness reveals why EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is more important than IQ in determining success in the 21st century workplace. We discuss the myths and the mastery of EQ.
  • Personal productivity skills Priority Setting
    Optimize personal productivity by learning how to produce greater results in less time.
  • Problem solving & decision-making skills
    Master the principles, process and best practices for making timely, effective decisions.
  • Teamwork & team players
    Discover the characteristics of high-performance teams and team players.
  • Building productive & sustainable relationships
    Gather the knowledge to build and maintain productive long-term relationships.
  • Creating constructive crucial conversations
    Acquire the knowledge to present ideas and solutions in a manner that people will listen, believe, understand and remember what they say.
  • Negotiating / constructive conflict resolution skills
    Become proficient in how to negotiate in a collaborative, win-win manner that produces the optimum outcomes for both parties while improving the quality of the relationship in the process.

Managers edition

  • The seven roles of the 21st century leader
    Explore the seven essential roles all team leaders or managers must fulfill to succeed.
  • Creating a culture of engagement
    Participants learn how to best motivate and drive employee engagement..
  • Delegation & empowerment
    The best practices of effective delegation and the complete seven-step delegation process.
  • Strategic coaching – performance management
    Practical tools to assist in identifying performance improvement opportunities in their people.
  • Tactical Coaching – feedback skills
    How to deliver positive feedback in a manner that makes it the most impactful, and a four-step and four-stage process for delivering re-directive feedback.

learning methodologies

  • Interactive lecture
  • Four self-assessment tools
  • Team assessment tools
  • Group discussion exercises
  • Individual exercises
  • Homework (before and between webinars)
  • Personal development plan

Participants receive

  • Pre course individual participant meeting to pinpoint ideal learning outcomes
  • 4 half-day weekly webinars (managers edition includes one additional webinar)
  • Participants courseware binders
  • Follow-up 2 hour webinar (three months after completion of course)
  • Framed certificate of completion
  • 6-month follow-up email reminder program
  • Copy of the book “Leading from Everywhere”


  • Standard Course – $895.00 + GST per participant
  • Managers Edition – $1095.00 + GST per participant

Discounts for multiple enrolments and students
100% money back satisfaction guarantee

Individual follow-up coaching program optional

  • 4 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Includes multiple source feedback assessment

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